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This server

meets our needs as a platform for testing and improving our ideas and technical skills. You often could hear someone of us saying: "this could be done in better way - don't you think?" which finally ends in: "let's try!". We enjoy discussing and prove our thesises - and is often a helpful platform


do believe in the creative intelligence of our little team and enjoy the work together in our spare time. Our professional backgrounds are rather diverse which makes the work in our createlligent team even more interesting. Still, it's just one of our hobbies. What you can see on this www-server is only a certain part of our work. Because friendship is really important to us, we want to provide some services to our diverse circle of friends.


  • Philipp Koller

  • Sascha Hess

  • Marlen Staub (designed this new layout)

  • Pascal Staub


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